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In Dream Catcher, wiley mountain men Jed and Mule decide to swindle some local Indians by trading doctored-whiskey for beaver plews. The scheme has mixed results, and they wind up rescuing a black man named George. Attempting to stop a brewing war threat by the Sioux, the Army asks the mountain men to embark on a dangerous mission and return two Indian women captives to their tribe on the wild Plains. Unknown to the two mountain men, the native women are the wife and daughter of the Sioux chief, Bull Buffalo.

Returning the captives and keeping their own skins intact is no easy task. Having never seen a black man, and due to his ‘raven-color’ skin, the Sioux consider George a buffalo god in human form, and during the mission to broker peace, George discovers a side of himself that he was unaware existed. Mule becomes emotionally invested in the well-being of both the Sioux captives and eventually forms a romantic connection to one of the women. The action is non-stop as the two mountain men join forces with the Sioux to battle a group of Buffalo-hide hunters set to slaughter the herds, no matter the cost.
This audiobook is auto-narrated. Book Length: 7.6 hours

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DREAM CATCHER: The Audiobook

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