WAR DRUMS: The Audiobook

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The sequel to the bestseller “War Paint”

Bear, Ty Fisher, and Jarel Wade team up in a new action-packed adventure. When the trio of mountain men catch wind of a Sioux plan to ambush the annual Fur Rendezvous supply wagon train, the spring into action. They know if the goods are lost, not only would it cost the lives of fifty men accompanying the wagons, but devastate the trappers counting on the much-needed supplies.

Bear learns the Sioux are being given guns by none other then “Red” McCarty's brother, Samuel. Seeking retribution for the death of his brother, Samuel has murder on his mind. As payback he kidnaps Bear's new wife, Brown Eyes Speaking, and his stepson, Toad. Samuel knows the mountain man will come looking for his family and he can force a showdown.

Sharpening his knife and loading his guns, he'll head into the mountains on a rescue mission and to face off against another vicious McCarty.
This audiobook is auto-narrated. Book Length: 5.3 hours

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WAR DRUMS: The Audiobook

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